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SPG Monthly Hosting

SPG Monthly Hosting


Includes monthly website hosting + server-side maintenance.



SPG Web + Mrkting takes your security very seriously.

Your website is hosted on a robust, secured server and anytime your site becomes outdated or insecure, you run the risk of infecting others on our server. The costs to fix any broken website ends up costing more than paying for monthly maintenance.

What goes into maintenance?

  • Backup-and-Restores
  • Software Updates
  • Website Cleanup
  • Plugins
  • Theme monitoring
  • Image checking
  • Database checking/cleanup
  • Performance Audit & Optimization
  • Website Audit
  • Up time Monitoring
  • Security-Related Cleanup
  • Security Monitoring

Here is an article to read for a reference on how much it costs to keep a WordPress website maintained so that you may better understand.