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Young Kamia wasn’t a “typical” 11-year-old. Her father was a businessman, so she would often tag along with him when he went to different properties, meetings, etc. She was very intrigued by his work so, when she had the opportunity to assist him, she excitedly jumped at the opportunity. On school nights when most kids her age would be getting ready for bed (or asleep), Kamia was busy helping her dad with business stuff – typing proposals or creating graphs, logos, or charts. And … this was all on DIAL-UP!? It didn’t matter to young Kamia because she got to help her daddy bring his ideas to life! This was the beginning of Kamia’s love for all things creative and graphic design.

Prior to being accepted to DeVry University, Kamia’s plan was to study Graphic Design since her first love was being creative and playing around with images. In a creative turn of events, since DeVry didn’t offer that class, Kamia received her degree in Computer Information Systems. God blessed Kamia with natural talent as a graphic designer so pairing that with her CIS background is how Soda Pop Graphics got its start.

But … WHY Soda Pop Graphics? Kamia smiles when she tells the simple story: “It came from a debate about which was more correct – ‘Soda’ or ‘Pop.’” So, there you have it!

Soda Pop Graphics would quickly become known for the heart and soul of its brand: solid work ethics and principles on which the company was founded – integrity and honesty. SPG prides itself on being in-sync with its clients’ needs and presenting all clients – large or small – with creative, custom-designed, quality work.

Kamia Kindle

CEO/Marketing Lead

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Jennifer Mills

Content Manager

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Aisha Wilks

Project Manager

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J’mia Cheadle

Lead Graphic Designer

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Muhammad Fayaz

Lead Developer

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