Who we Are

SPG Web+Mrktng is a full-service marketing agency. We offer all services related to online and print marketing under one roof: design, hosting, coding, SEO, copywriting, printing and social media management . Our only reason for existing is to help build solid brands and achieve a memorable and lucrative presence for our clients. We Have a diverse team with expertise in all areas of marketing.


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We’re a full custom
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what We Do

SPG gives the same attention to every project – big or small. We bring your vision to life by providing high quality, 100% custom-made designs for your business.


Brand Identity is the foundation of any business. good branding clearly communicates a company’s message and creates customer loyalty. We make the connections that are critical to successfully transform businesses. Don’t know where to start with your brand? Give us a call – we may have an idea or two!

Web Design

Our Custom websites are designed to be compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. They are crafted with the best web standards to ensure compatibility across all popular browers and devices. We use a form of finesse within our design concepts that mesmerizes all audiences.


Want your print materials to truly stand out? At our agency, we pride ourselves on being a 100% custom design firm. Every project we undertake begins with a blank canvas, ensuring that nothing we create is cookie cutter. Each piece we deliver is meticulously crafted to be unique and tailored specifically to the target audience it is meant to engage.

Email Marketing

Our company was founded on email creative and banner design over 16 years ago. We literally started our company based on the fact that we had the secret sauce for successful email creative campagins. Some of our very first clients were major players in the online gaming industry.

Social Media

Social media management and marketing will be one of your best – and most important – investments in your company. Social Media is not as simple as posting a few times a month. You must have a game plan. We analyze what platforms work best for YOUR market and target your posts to the best platforms for you.

Soda Hunt ™ | Our Very Own Ad Network

SODA HUNT ™ disrupts traditional advertising through gamification by sending thousands of unique, real people on a mission to thoroughly search your entire website. Unlike Google Ads, our traffic is verifiable, our metrics are transparent, and the benefits are bountiful!

Annual Reports

SPG has become the “go-to” agency for annual reports. When your organization presents it’s financial annual overview, analytics and other details to board members, supporters and the community – it should be done effectively with class. Your annual report should be comprehensive, informative and BRILLIANTLY designed.

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