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Website Redemption Sale

Website Redemption Sale




Wow, we didn’t realize this was going to be a hit! Here’s what’s happened… a client this year paid for a website (50% deposit) and never completed their project through to the end. We made it all the way through custom design, coding and server prep and their circumstances changed. This has turned into something great for you!  You get to have one of these sites at half the price!

It’s simple – this is how it works.

  • Send us your logo, business colors (if you have them), content and any photos. (If you need help or don’t have these things, this product is not for you.)
  • We will send you a simple contract to sign off on
  • We will take one of our completed projects and convert it specifically for your business
  • This will take our team 2 business weeks or less (vs the 4-5 weeks)
  • We will take it from there
  • Your website hosting is free the first year ($400 every year after or $45 monthly)
  • Click the button below to pay
  • Jennifer Mills will email you to get started (she’s the best Project Manager and she’s cc’d on this email)
  • You’ll be up and ready with your new site just in time for the new year

***Please note this is prepay only – as the work is already DONE!

We have several projects to recycle, including designs for salons/stylists, trucking company, musicians/artists, professional services, law/tax, and more.